Just in time for Valentines Day I had Sweetheart Mini’s, which are perfect for couples who haven’t had their photo taken in awhile or well….ever! I love photographing couples, as most of you I am sure have guessed. It is still pretty gross here in Indiana though, even if we’ve had some weird days where we […]

Good friends? Friends who are clients? Las Vegas Elopement? Halloween?! These are like my favorite things wrapped together and given to me as a gift. Did Christmas come early for me? I think it may have! Danielle and I have known each other for a handful of years and our friendship has gotten stronger as the […]

I’ve known Cary my entire life, he is my sisters best friend and someone who was always around in one way or another. When same sex marriage become legal in Indiana (yeah!!) he and Scott got engaged, because finally! They have been together for almost 2 decades and it was about time to have their Same […]

2016 has been a rough year for a lot of people. Regardless of your side of politics, it kind of just sucked and so many celebrities that we’ve loved are gone. My personal was Alan Rickman, I grew up with Harry Potter and it was so sad. Still I think most of us on a […]

I’m a bit late to the game with some of my blog posts, but in the spirit of the fast approaching New Year I am trying to get my back log caught up! With that tidbit I bring you Beth and Ahren and their Backyard Middlebury Wedding. It was fabulous and quaint all at the […]