Meet Anna Marie, this sexy lady graced my studio for her south bend boudoir session a few weeks back. It was a session planned just for her and her 40th birthday, because you don’t have to book a boudoir sessions for any other reason then because you want to! She came a bit nervous, like […]

Jessie and Dash had a lovely Wellfield Botanical Garden Wedding on a gorgeous Saturday in June with bright blue skies and puffy white clouds. Jessie and Dash truly have a fairytale story, after Dash left China for the United States to go to school Jessie just could not live without him and decided to follow […]

I feel like I never get to post blogs about my boudoir clients, which is what I fill the majority of my winter with. As a leading South Bend Boudoir Photographer I respect my clients privacy tremendously, so if they so they don’t want it public then mums the word. Still sometimes I get lucky […]

And yet another life update! We have to stop having spring birthdays in this house :)! Francisco, my boy who came to me only a few short years ago celebrated his 3rd birthday with us on April 1st and is now 12. While he may be a April Fools baby Francisco is not exactly the […]

To continue the life updates and whirlwind of birthdays in the Pendexter household is Nicholas, who become a two digit kid on March 25th. To think my original baby is now 10 is kind of mind blowing. So much has happened in the last decade and because of Nick I am all the better for […]