Getting to share empowering boudoir sessions with everyone literally just makes my day! My clients privacy is always the most important to me, but when I’m told “share away” you better believe I’m going to share away! I did a session for Brittany back before Thanksgiving and she was so nervous, but also you could […]

I know everyone knows I do and LOVE boudoir, but did you know that I also offer maternity boudoir? With all the drastic changes your body goes through during and even after pregnancy, its hard to feel like yourself.┬áMaternity boudoir is a way to take back your femininity, to bring sexy back on your terms. […]

Meet Anna Marie, this sexy lady graced my studio for her south bend boudoir session a few weeks back. It was a session planned just for her and her 40th birthday, because you don’t have to book a boudoir sessions for any other reason then because you want to! She came a bit nervous, like […]

I feel like I never get to post blogs about my boudoir clients, which is what I fill the majority of my winter with. As a leading South Bend Boudoir Photographer I respect my clients privacy tremendously, so if they so they don’t want it public then mums the word. Still sometimes I get lucky […]

2016 has been a rough year for a lot of people. Regardless of your side of politics, it kind of just sucked and so many celebrities that we’ve loved are gone. My personal was Alan Rickman, I grew up with Harry Potter and it was so sad. Still I think most of us on a […]