Sailor Moon Body Positive Wedding | Jason & Jacqueline


I met Jason over 6 years ago after a mutual friend passed away, he reached out to me in the wake of our friends passing and we’ve been friends ever since. We may not see each other all the time, but I know Jason is always around and down for a good time so when he met his bride Jacqueline I was beyond excited for him. I was even more excited when they asked me to photograph their Sailor Moon Wedding!


Jason & Jacqueline met via online dating and started talking about video games; they decided to meet up a day later and after spending most of it together talking they just knew they had found the one! Jacqueline just loves how Jason can always pull her out a of a funk, he knows the right words and does the right things to make any bad day good again. Jason loves how Jacqueline is the kindest and most thoughtful person he has ever met, they always are able to talk through things and never go to bed angry.


Jason and Jacqueline are uber nerds and they aren’t afraid to show it. Their initial idea of a theme for their wedding was Zelda, but after Jason suggested Sailor Moon they realized just how perfect it would be: “A clumsy but kind-hearted princess saves the world and finds true love with her charming masked prince (who can come off as an egotistical butt-head, sometimes), AND with the help of all their friends! It was just so perfectly Us.”


Jacqueline is a plus size girl and she has no shame in her game, she’s got curves for days and she wanted to be sure she could flaunt them all on her wedding day. She found her dress at Davids Bridal, which she says wasn’t her first choice. She actually tried a plus size boutique in Indianapolis first, when she didn’t find anything she went back to Davids Bridal and stumbled on a one of a kind gown originally made for a different bride. The previous brides wedding was canceled and the dress was already tailored for her, but it fit Jacqueline like a glove. She was also able to get all her bridesmaids dressed from Davids, where each girl had their own color to match their Sailor Moon persona!


The menswear, including Jasons epic cape & tux came from Louie’s Tux Shop which helped him be the perfect Tuxedo man on his wedding day! Jacqueline’s rings came from various online stores, where she couldn’t decided she got to have two! Jason’s ring was from Rogers and Holland, which is also where they purchased the dedication ring for Jason’s daughter Bella! The flowers in the wedding were minimal and DIY, but Jason & Jacqueline were sure to included roses for their Sailor Moon theme!


Their beautiful and emotional ceremony was held at The Hall at Oakland Park and officiated by Jack Harris, who also happens to be Jacqueline’s grandfather. “He has been a minister for nearly 40 years or more, and there really was no other choice to consider. We did momentarily think of asking a friend, only because we knew everything was pretty non-traditional, and Jack is a very traditional southern baptist preacher. But he was happy to compromise and so the choice to work together was an easy one, and a moment that none of us will ever forget.”


All Over Creations provided the mirrored galaxy cake that SPUN! As well as the cake pops too. I will say as a photographer I sometimes really do do all this for the cake, but this cake was GONE fast. I hear it was amazing and it sure did look absolutely amazeballs. I’ve done this for a long time, I don’t think I’ve ever had a wedding cake that spun. So hats off to All Over Creations! Of course the catering was provided by The Skillet who never lets anyone down with their vast array of comfort food delights.


The decor was all DIY by the Jason & Jacquline with the help from family and friends! Their music was spun by Total Impact DJ and they danced their first dance (almost) to “I’ll Follow You Into The Dark” by Death Cab for Cutie. There was a bit of a hiccup, but thats what makes for fun stories later!


Jason and Jacqueline marrying each other might have been the reason everyone gathered together that day, but really they were becoming a family of three as Jason has an amazing spitfire of a daughter Bella. “Having Bella be a big part was HUGELY important to both of us. We didn’t want her to feel left out or replaced or not special. We wanted this to be a celebration of growing as a family, creating something new that includes everyone. We wanted her to know that our love story includes her, because she is definitely a big part of the reason I fell in love so hard with Jay. I fell hard and fast pretty quick, but when I saw them together, I knew that not only did I want to be with this man, I wanted him to be father of any children I ever had, my partner in life, a confidant and teammate. And that was as much due to Bella as it was to him. Their light-hearted but deep-rooted adoration for each other is breathtaking.”


Sailor Moon Wedding

Sailor Moon Wedding