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Meet Phoebe and her Pitbull Mom Brittany at their South Bend Pet Photography session, who also happens to be my niece. I think this makes Phoebe my great niece? Not by blood of course, but you know how my family loves adoption! I regularly donate my time to Red Thread Sessions and photograph adoptions of human kids, but this time around I got to photograph the gotcha day anniversary of a very beloved fur baby!

My niece Brittany and her sister Zoe are my girls, we are pretty close in age and grew up more like close cousins then Aunt and Nieces. Well they are now adults and last summer Brittany put on her big girl panties and bought a house! She has a mortgage now and that probably means I need to stop thinking of her as my little niece right? Anyway, her and Zoe live together in Ft. Wayne while Brittany works 2 jobs, one of which is at a pretty awesome pet store and Zoe goes to school to be a Vet Tech saving animals lives!

They had a dream and that dream was to own a dog, their mom, my sister loves cats. So this clearly didn’t happen when they were kids, also Brittany is allergic to pretty much everything (where is her bubble?) but that doesn’t stop her from loving ALL the animals, ALL the time!

Well the girls discovered Phoebe at an adoption event with the Ft. Wayne Pitbull Coalition and decided that had to be their dog! They found the dog, before the house though so they crossed their fingers and toes that she would still be around in a few months when they got their new home. Luckily and maybe a little sadly Phoebe was still there, which is the fate of so many dogs in rescues and shelters. Especially pitbulls and seniors dogs, its pretty sad! Still for Brittany and Zoe it was good news because they got the dog the loved.

So on July 14th 2016 Phoebe officially joined the family. She is an older girl, with some quirks, but she is a sweetheart who now gets to live out her days as spoiled as any dog can be. I mean look at these photos? Talk about love!

If you are looking for an awesome dog, be sure to check out the Ft. Wayne Pitbull Coalition or a local shelter near you. Give a forgotten dog some love!

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