Nicholas | A Life Update

England 2012

To continue the life updates and whirlwind of birthdays in the Pendexter household is Nicholas, who become a two digit kid on March 25th. To think my original baby is now 10 is kind of mind blowing. So much has happened in the last decade and because of Nick I am all the better for it. There were some serious bumps in the road, but he and I we got through it and are now clearly on to greener pastures.

When I was barely 22 and he was born I had no idea how dramatically becoming a mother would change me. Then the realization that he was medically sick as well as autistic and I am became more than just his mom, I was his nurse, his aid, his advocate to make his life the best it could possibly be.

Now, ten years later I can feel overwhelmed at times, exhausted at others. Sometimes I am so frustrated either by the illness or by the system that I just want to throw my hands up in the air, but with an amazing supportive husband I just have a good cry, sleep and take care of business the next day.

Nicholas will always be a sick kid, we will always have struggles with his well being, but its ok because he is Nick. He is an amazing big boy who loves pokemon and minecraft, still remembers going to England at 5 (and wants to be a Knight!) has recently learned the love of math and is always down for a good cuddle. He will always be my first. Happy Birthday Nicholas!

Las Vegas 2016

Las Vegas 2016

Selfie, Las Vegas 2016

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