Kelsey & Alec | Laurel Hall Indianapolis

When my niece Zoe’s friend Kelsey asked me to shoot her Laurel Hall Indianapolis wedding, I jumped at the chance. I love being part of weddings that I have a personal connection to. So, I was excited to head to Indianapolis to capture Kelsey and Alec’s special day.

Kelsey’s planning choices invoked a comforting feeling of nostalgia and romanticism. From the watercolor floral stationery to the beaded clutch she carried, her attention to detail was obvious. And her theme was so fitting for the stately Laurel Hall.

Kelsey and Alec’s first look was one of my favorites. You could feel the raw emotion and love in the air. I was so glad I was there to capture it for them.

The theme carried perfectly to Kelsey’s romantic, ¾ sleeve gown. And the bridal party dressed in deep maroon that contrasted the greenery in the bouquets flawlessly. It was a stunning image as they gathered in the courtyard for the ceremony. Kelsey and Alec’s vows were like their personalities, playful and sweet. And I loved the giggles from them and their guests.

The wood-paneled walls and massive windows in the reception hall made for some great images. The dreamy color schemes of reds and pinks continued into the tablescapes. The décor came together to create a stunning and timeless effect.

The candids from the reception are some of my favorites. It didn’t hurt that the wedding party was so fun and entertaining. Their toasts matched the energy of the couple’s vows, amusing the guests.

Friends and family began dancing into the night to tunes by T-Bone DJ, continuing their awesome time. Soon, everyone was on their feet, dancing, mingling, and enjoying the incredible evening.

I look forward to receiving updates on this adoring couple from my niece. But if their wedding was any indication, they are going to have a fun-filled life together.

Laurel Hall Indianapolis

Laurel Hall Indianapolis

Laurel Hall Indianapolis