Kelly | Beverly’s Secret Spring Boudoir Shoot

At the end of March I held a full day photo shoot at the new studio space for all four ladies chosen for Beverly’s Secret spring boudoir shoot, with snacks, wine and racks of amazing lingerie. Kelly was selected as one of four models and even though her session was won she had been a fan of my work for some time and was really excited to be able to work with me!

This was Kelly’s first boudoir session, but she had wanted to do one for awhile as she had heard from others that it was an amazing experience. Kelly has been on a weight loss journey and had recently shed several pounds, because of this she really wanted to document her success with a photoshoot.

Even with this being her first time doing a boudoir session Kelly said “I felt amazing during my session and so comfortable. I mean I was walking around in lingerie and didn’t feel anxious! Afterwards I was on this really weird high; I couldn’t wait to see what was captured!”

And to all those out there wondering if you should have your own boudoir sessions, Kelly’s advice to you “Don’t second guess the chance to do a session. Do it! You wont regret it all all!”


Beverly's Secret Spring Secret Boudoir

Beverly's Secret Spring Secret Boudoir