Francisco | A Life Update

And yet another life update! We have to stop having spring birthdays in this house :)! Francisco, my boy who came to me only a few short years ago celebrated his 3rd birthday with us on April 1st and is now 12.

While he may be a April Fools baby Francisco is not exactly the joking type, but more the quite, serious type. He does have his moments, but usually he is off thinking and trying to figure things out. We had a casual celebration of painting pottery at pigeon and the hen and finished with a joint cake with Nicholas at the chocolate cafe.

It was a good birthday, he is one step closer to being a teenager (Lord help me!) and of course acting like one too! It has been a great 2.5 years, full of learning new things about myself while parenting Francisco and amazing growth for him personally. To say he is a different child than the day he came to Patrick and I is an understatement. From chronic meltdowns, couch throwing to being able to talk calmly about things. Its a complete 180.

There are times when I forge the progress and get so stuck in the here and now, that I become frustrated at the pace of the improvements. I have to pause and realize how things once were not so long ago and then try to imagine how even more amazing they will be in another 2.5 years. Francisco is on his way to being and amazing young adult, if he wants he cane move mountains.


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