Empowering Boudoir | Brittany | South Bend Boudoir

Getting to share empowering boudoir sessions with everyone literally just makes my day! My clients privacy is always the most important to me, but when I’m told “share away” you better believe I’m going to share away!

I did a session for Brittany back before Thanksgiving and she was so nervous, but also you could tell super excited to do her session. First we met for her in person consult to chat and let her see the space before she’d be stripping down to her skivvies, then the next time I saw her it was the day!

This is her first ever boudoir session, which initially she decided to do for her husband. After more thought she realized that it was more than just her husbands desire for beautiful, intimate photos of his wife but also helping her feel beautiful and empowered after working hard to get her body looking the way she wanted it to.

During the session she said she felt awkward and silly, but after she felt proud of going through with the session! Seeing her final images made her feel beautiful and thats always my goal. I want all my clients to feel amazing when they see those final photos.

Outfit selection from Adore Me and Victoria Secret

Empowering Boudoir
Empowering Boudoir