C’est La Vie Cakes | Vendor Spotlight


C’est La Vie Cakes is run by husband and wife Courtney and Brandon, they make intricately decorated cakes that taste just as amazing as they look. Although they look so pretty, its almost a shame to have to cut into one! I discovered C’est La Vie when my son needed a cake for his birthday and my regular cake maker had moved away. I had been searching for someone who could do great 3D and highly decorative designs and I found it!

Brandon and Courtney are now immensely busy, making cakes for so many of Michiana’s weddings. I see them more often then not throughout the wedding season.

If you are looking for a cake maker for your special day, who can create whatever you have dreamed up this is the cake maker for you! I love cakes that involve their sugar paste flowers, they look real and its amazing what they can create out of icing. They also offer a large selection of flavors to choose from, so you will never be disappointed.



C'est La Vie Cakes