Cecilia | Becoming a Mom Times Two | A Life Update

Becoming a Mom Times Two

Cecilia came to almost 4 years ago as  Hallie Jade, she was a foster child and my very first full time placement. It was just suppose to be a week they said and then she never left. I was single, with just Nick and having another child (even a teenager) was so new and exciting.

Cecilia came into my family when I was in the process of buying my house, so that first summer was a bit of a turmoil as everything was just a tad bit of chaos. Closing was delayed, rental house was turned back in before we had the new house. It was a long summer! Eventually it became settled, we moved into the house I am in now and began our journey.


She wasn’t with me very long before I realized I wanted to adopt her. I loved having her around and the idea of her leaving made me sad. Nicholas also loved her a lot, he had a big sister!

The decision to move towards permanence began late fall and there were hiccups. Life wasn’t always smooth sailing, it never is in any family, but kids with trauma in their past tend to take it to a new level. We got past it though, we moved on and her adoption was final the following May; 11 months from when she first came to live with me.

Ceci’s Gotcha Day from Westley Jerdon on Vimeo.


Becoming a Mom Times Two

I was officially a mommy to two, both a gift from God, but one that I chose to be mine. Thats a big deal, to choose a child, to say I want you!

Her name was changed from Hallie to Cecilia and her new life began. She was finishing 8th grade, entering high school and growing up! There have been and still are challenges to raising a teenager, especially when you didn’t get the privilege of starting from the beginning; but I know things will eventually be ok.


Cecilia may be older then Nicholas, but she came after him and so she is my 2nd born for me. She didn’t make me a mommy, but she made me a mommy for the second time. She is loved more then words can describe and I am exciting for the women she will eventually become.