Cecilia came to almost 4 years ago as  Hallie Jade, she was a foster child and my very first full time placement. It was just suppose to be a week they said and then she never left. I was single, with just Nick and having another child (even a teenager) was so new and exciting. […]

I’ve been talking about Olivia a lot lately, that makes sense, but maybe I’ll update everyone on my other kids one at a time. Nicholas was my first baby and probably will always be my baby no matter how tall or old he gets. That just the way things work right? He is nine now! […]

I like to travel, obviously! Really who doesn’t? Somehow I keep returning to one beautiful and mysterious city, where the ghost stories are many and the food is to die for: New Orleans. It all started three years ago, when I planned a girls weekend with my studio partner, niece and a good friend. We took […]

I met Wayne of D&T Productions 6 years ago! I cannot really believe it’s been that long or that our first mutual client Tiffany and Brent have been married 6 years already (so awesome!). The wedding was at the Blue Dress Barn in Benton Harbor and Wayne kept the party going. I think I left around […]

Did you know the in house makeup artist Makeup by Keria has a YouTube channel dedicated to bringing you detailed instructions on how to have fabulous makeup? Seriously it’s awesome and so is Chelsea, she not only does makeup for my boudoir clients but for brides and seniors as well. She is also my own […]