Boudoir After Baby | South Bend Boudoir

Boudoir photoshoots are all about empowerment and celebrating your body. I was so excited that L.W. had that attitude even before even starting her boudoir after baby shoot! She was all about embracing her post-baby physique and appreciating the amazing things her body had accomplished.

She was a little nervous before her shoot but had a relaxed confidence that together we could produce some stunning results. She felt like stepping out of her comfort zone made her a little weary, but overall she was more excited about the experience.  

L.W.’s first outfit was one of the cutest I have seen in a boudoir shoot. And it totally matched her playful attitude! Her heathered grey cotton button-up bodysuit was soft and cozy but still super sexy. Her fun, patterned socks added to the flirtatious look. We threw a lollipop into the mix to take it to a whole other level of mischievousness. I really loved how L.W. played with the look and confidently showed off her favorite body parts, her boobs and butt. 

Her next look was a sultry, red lace robe. The fringy trim detail and satin ribbon made it sexy and classy. Plus, the color was perfect with her hair and smoky eye make-up. It was a flawless look for a bathtub scene and L.W. really felt the sexy vibe. We lit candles and she got into the moment and came up with some amazing poses. She didn’t even mind adding water to the mix, creating some super unique and beautiful shots!

L.W.’s goal was to capture her body at this moment in her life so she could look back in the distant future and see how hot she was. I was so honored to help her create the visual memories for her to hold on to. I was also so refreshed by her awesome, positive attitude and her amazing confidence.

boudoir after baby

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