Boost in Confidence | South Bend Boudoir

M.W. originally scheduled her boudoir shoot to give herself a boost in confidence. She wanted to get some great images and show off her boobs and butt, her favorite body parts. I was excited to help her have some fun shooting and accomplish these goals.

After only having a baby two months prior to her shoot and then surgery following that, M.W. looked so awesome! I admired that she chose to have a boudoir shoot to give a gift to herself, something that is so important for new moms to prioritize. It was great to see her take a break from her motherly duties and do something just for her own happiness.

I absolutely adored the first outfit M.W. selected for her shoot. The faded denim jacket and lacy black underwear made for such a fun, edgy look. It was the perfect unexpected blend of all-American girl next door and pure sexiness. Adding a white heart candy between her dark-hued lips made for spectacular images that uniquely combined sweet and sultry. Her relaxed vibe came through perfectly in the poses and shots we were able to get. 

M.W. also chose a gorgeous, deep red, lacy lingerie look to shoot in. It fit her flawlessly and the deep V-neck cut made for some great poses on the velvety sofa and rattan chair. M.W. had so much confidence that she removed the top of her outfit for the bathtub set, resulting in some super sexy shots. The candles made her creamy skin glow and the images were stunning and beautifully sensual.

I was so happy to help M.W. reignite her confidence after all she had been through recently. She knew her body was beautiful, and I was so happy to help her capture that. Experiences like these are the reason I truly love the opportunity to shoot boudoir photoshoots.

boost of confidence

south bend boudoir

south bend boudoir



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