Beverly’s Secret Semi Annual Photo-Shoot

I was so thrilled at the chance to shoot these brave, local women. They each earned a well-deserved opportunity to model this beautiful lingerie for Beverly’s Secret semi-annual photoshoot. It was super fun and an honor to be behind the lens for this experience.

I love Beverly’s Secret and their mission of inclusivity. They carry something sexy for everyone in every size from XXS to 24. I was proud to help them show that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

My first model was so at ease in front of the camera. I was so impressed with her immediate confidence as she showed off a sexy wine-colored outfit. Her poses were natural and relaxed, making her vibe so easy to capture. Her next look, a sheer black number, was equally stunning. I’m glad she left seeming satisfied with the experience and looking forward to seeing the images.

The next model I photographed came out in a fiery red, deep V-neck ensemble. Her deep red lips added the perfect touch. I loved her poses and playfulness in front of the camera. When she changed into a classy black and nude piece for the next part of her shoot, her attitude transformed. Her sultry poses and facial expressions reflected the lingerie perfectly. I loved the coziness of her third outfit, a soft grey two-piece set. Shooting this sweet woman was a joy, and I adored watching her transformation between looks.

Model number three was eager to start shooting. She was a natural in front of the camera, playing with her fun hair, creating some great poses. I loved her first outfit of a deep teal teddy. And her second look, a nude lingerie dress was equally impressive. But I was really blown away by the last choice. The powdery blue robe with lace-trimmed pajamas looked flawless with her beautiful blond hair. Each look that was selected for her seemed like it was made for her. And her comfort showed in her confidence.

The first thing I noticed about my last model was her deep, intense eyes. I loved the way she peered seductively into the camera. Her first look was a sleek black piece with creative cut-outs. It was sexy and sultry, and her poses matched the look perfectly. The next look was a more playful white outfit with black stars that looked adorable. And I was super impressed with her last ensemble, a strappy, black look that truly made for some awe-inspiring images and shots. I had so much fun with our time together and excited about the images we captured.

As I edited the images from this shoot, I was so thrilled with the outcome. Each model’s unique personality shone through. And I loved that we were all able to work together to show that anyone can look and feel sexy with confidence, and maybe some awesome lingerie.

Hair by: Ally at Lips & Lashes by Crazy Aimee

Makeup by: Molly Sandler Makeup Artistry


South Bend Boudoir

South Bend Boudoir

Beverly's Secret

Beverly's Secret