Wedding Planner, Do I Need One? | South Bend Wedding Photography

I have a guest blogger today, Darla Bradley of Platinum Wedding & Events who is not only the sweetest person but an amazing wedding planner! I have worked with her over the years and even when I was planning a large wedding myself (before I opted to elope!) she was my go to. She has a few wise words for brides or grooms on the fence about hiring a wedding planner.

Why you DO NEED a Wedding Day Coordinator

No, it’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity! That’s if you want to have a fun, worry free, smooth running wedding experience.

Just think of all the time you put in to planning for this one day, why take a chance that Aunt Erma won’t remember to take the guest book to the reception from the church?

Who will help gather all those relatives for the photographer to get the family picture after the ceremony?

And the reception, did the caterer get the vegan dishes to the correct guests? Has Uncle Harry had too much to drink and needs some “help”?

There are numerous details that need to be covered, you need a dependable qualified professional to cover all the bases.

A coordinator is the “buffer/troubleshooter” between vendors, family and you.

Coordinators make sure YOUR plans/wishes come first. It’s your day first. Well wishing relatives & friends may think they are helping, but your coordinator has gone over all the details with you, and in turn your coordinator has gone over the details with your vendors. It’s great to have help from friends & family, if they want to, but you need someone in charge.

And don’t you want your guests to be worry free and be able to enjoy the day too?

As a wedding planner/coordinator, I have yet to have any bride not thank me and tell me they don’t know what they would have done with out me there to help with everything, thus making the happy day they had planned for, for so long.

As a photographer in this industry for over 13 years I cannot attest to you how much smoothly a wedding day runs when you hire a professional coordinator. Other then the photographer there is not one other vendor who will be with you from start to finish and without the coordinator it regularly falls to the photographer to “take on” that roll, which isn’t why we are there. We can take beautiful pictures, but we cannot also people wrangle and tell the DJ to do things. Yet it happens.

So if you are unsure if the expense is worth it I promise you it is money well spent. Definitely give Darla a call or drop her an email, she will be glad to talk you through your day and help you make sure it goes the way you dreamed it would!