Susie + Mike | Culver Academy Engagement Session

Oh My! I haven’t blogged anything since my first 2018 wedding in March! Its been a busy year already, but what better way to get back to the blog than with the Culver Academy Engagement Session of Susie & Mike? Seriously so beautiful!

So I’ve known Susie since I was 14; we met at freshman orientation weekend at Culver Girls Academy and while I’d like to say we were two peas in a pod from the start I would be wrong. I honestly thought she didn’t like me, but slowly through our circle of mutual friends our friendship grew and blossomed. She became my best friend in High School and I credit her for me surviving the crazy world of preparatory boarding school for the two years I attended.

So fast forward a good chunk of years (lets just not think about how long) I am deeply honored that she asked me to be her wedding photographer. Susie and Mike will be married the last weekend of September at Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora, IL, but before we get to the big day we met during Alumni Weekend at Culver Academy on Lake Maxincuckee with its beautiful grounds and amazing sunset.

Susie and Mike are literally the cutest couple! Mike looks at Susie with such adoration and Susie at Mike with deep love. Photographing friends can always be a bit stressful, but this was a cakewalk because of just how well they mesh together. It was amazing to be able to document their love and to show them just how great they look together! So enough of the talking, because really who comes here to read what I write? Lets just see the photos already!

Culver Academy Engagement Session

Lake Maxinkuckee Engagement Session

Culver Academy Engagement Session