Shoot & Share Photo Contest

I have been entering the shoot & share photo contest for the last 3 years; mostly just for fun, but also because its nice to see where I’m at in the vast sea of amazing photographers. Being an artist is difficult, its easy to get inside your own head and not understand your worth. Artists really are their own worst critics.

My first year entering I never really thought I would go anywhere, its a GIANT competition. Somehow I managed to squeak out 1 top 10%, 1 top 20% and 5 top 30% images. I submitted again last year and this time on top of the top percentages one image made it all the way to finalist, it was an amazing image but it was a maternity photo. While I love it, it isn’t what I regularly photograph. So this year I made a point of only submitting images based on what I normal shoot and here are the results!

I did great, but none of this would be possible without my amazing clients. My hats off to all of you for allowing me to document moments in your lives, to trusting me and my vision.

I received finalist in the Bride category, the image was 410th place out of 14,265 images submitted in that category and 3.1% out of ALL 412,379 images submitted.


I received top 10% 5 times this year, which is top 10% out of all 412K images submitted



I received top 20% 6 times this year



And finally top 30% 6 times