Scott + Cary | Same Sex LaPaz Indiana Wedding

Same Sex LaPaz Indiana Wedding

I’ve known Cary my entire life, he is my sisters best friend and someone who was always around in one way or another. When same sex marriage become legal in Indiana (yeah!!) he and Scott got engaged, because finally! They have been together for almost 2 decades and it was about time to have their Same Sex LaPaz Indiana Wedding.

Cary and Scott have a converted apartment inside the barn on Cary’s parents property, its an amazing eclectic space with antique furniture and amazing fabrics. I have even used it for a shoot a time or two over the years! They used this space for getting ready, with a ceremony in their garden and a lunch under a tent nearby.

It was casual, it was fancy, it was perfect!

Cary and Scott both wore vests made for them for their day by a friend, their invitations were made with vintage images of same sex couples. Cary himself is a florist and decorating, working many many weddings and he created a wonderful, timeless setting for their day.

I am so happy for them, to be able to have their day like everyone else who is in love and to live the rest of their years together in wedded bliss.

Same Sex LaPaz Indiana Wedding