Katie | Big & Beautiful Boudoir


Meet Miss Katie, one hot and sexy lady who rocked her big & beautiful boudoir session. Katie has been a follower of my work for quite some time or as she says she “stalks” my facebook page! Katie got married on May 2nd at the gorgeous¬†St. Patricks Parish¬†downtown South Bend, but before she tied the knot she wanted to get some photos of herself to share with the love of her life.

Big & Beautiful Boudoir

She brought a few outfits, even a veil to have some fun with the bridal look. She did an amazing job with all the outfits she brought in and proved that size is no barrier to beauty. I know there were times prior to the session and probably even during where she was a bit unsure of herself, but I promised her she was gorgeous; I mean just look at her! I see so many woman in my studio of all shapes and sizes, they all can be unsure regardless.

Everyone can have insecurities, but it is about owning who you are and giving no apologies. Her husband loves her for who she is and she knows that.


Katie chose to have her hair and makeup done as a trial run for the wedding, so she arrived to the studio ready to strut her stuff. After her session her maid of honor, bridesmaids and friends hit the party bus to celebrate her last weekend as a single lady with a bachelorette party! We are now, of course, facebook friends so I got to see lots of selfies and snapshots from her fun night.

I’m glad I helped make her feel even more beautiful before going out to party with her friends. I wish her and Tony a lifetime of happiness!


Big & Beautiful Boudoir