Cecilia | A Life Update

First Photo I Took of Cecilia When She Came to Me

March begins the whirlwind of important birthdays in the Pendexter house, starting with Cecilia and woah where did the time go? With most of our children we get almost a solid 2 decades before they are 18, before you are planning on college, senior year and all the things that come with growing up. When you adopt from foster care, sometimes that timeline is so rushed.

When Cecilia came to me she had just turned 14, just finished 7th grade and love Selena Gomez. Time flies. Last week she turned 18, she is in the tail end of her Jr year and will be in the cosmetology program next year during her senior year. She is growing up and in some ways she is already grown. It has been 4 years of life lessons for myself as much as for her, she has taught me so much about being a mom and she isĀ and always will be my first daughter.

And now to plan for senior photos!

Ceci’s Gotcha Day from Westley Jerdon on Vimeo.

First Birthday Party at 15

And these are the photos I get now! LOL