To continue the life updates and whirlwind of birthdays in the Pendexter household is Nicholas, who become a two digit kid on March 25th. To think my original baby is now 10 is kind of mind blowing. So much has happened in the last decade and because of Nick I am all the better for […]

2016 has been a rough year for a lot of people. Regardless of your side of politics, it kind of just sucked and so many celebrities that we’ve loved are gone. My personal was Alan Rickman, I grew up with Harry Potter and it was so sad. Still I think most of us on a […]

C’est La Vie Cakes is run by husband and wife Courtney and Brandon, they make intricately decorated cakes that taste just as amazing as they look. Although they look so pretty, its almost a shame to have to cut into one! I discovered C’est La Vie when my son needed a cake for his birthday […]

Oh my where do I even start? My (to me) 3rd born, Francisco. The inquisitive boy who always has a question and wants to know just how everything works (and why). Francisco came to us almost two years ago in early October, back then all that he was and could be was clouded by so […]

Cecilia came to almost 4 years ago as ¬†Hallie Jade, she was a foster child and my very first full time placement. It was just suppose to be a week they said and then she never left. I was single, with just Nick and having another child (even a teenager) was so new and exciting. […]