Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number | South Bend Boudoir

south bend boudoir

Meet Anna Marie, this sexy lady graced my studio for her south bend boudoir session a few weeks back. It was a session planned just for her and her 40th birthday, because you don’t have to book a boudoir sessions for any other reason then because you want to! She came a bit nervous, like most clients but we easily found our groove after Chelsea from Makeup by Keria and Kimmie from Kalon Hair Lab worked their styling magic.

After every session I pick out images I just love and want to share with the world, a lot of the time clients ask me for privacy and I happily oblige. I never want to make my clients feel nervous by sharing their intimate images with strangers. But then just sometimes though I have a client who wants to show off her images, to let others know it isn’t as scary as it seems to be to get so personal with a stranger. Ann Marie is one of those clients. I even did a little after session Q&A with her as well to help others who are possibly considering a boudoir session. So see how she felt about her session and check out her fabulous images!

1. Why did you want to do boudoir?

Because I turned 40 this year and put together a 40 year old bucket list and this was one of the things I put on my list.

2. What were you worried about before the session?

Not looking tense and even though I felt tense during my shoot none of the pictures picked it up…thanks to the photographer 😉.

3. How did you feel during and after the session?

Amazing, beautiful, alive, accomplished 

4. What was the best part?

Letting it all hang out…literally…myself~physical and mental…all of who I am

5. Any advice or suggestions to others considering a boudoir session?

Do it!!!  You only live this life once so why not?  


south bend boudoir